Flags of the world for iPhone Radyo


“ Extraordinary radio experience ”

Also Available on Mac, iPad, Android, Windows, Windows Phone
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Flags of the world for iPhone Radyo
Official ShoutCAST partner

Unmatched Recording!

If you can hear it, you can record it! Listen all the recordings automatically one after another. Since music is converted into the compressed files, you can record more and longer!

Unmatched Sharing!

Get or listen to your recordings with e-Mail, WebDAV, iTunes FileSharing, iCloud or with your favorite browser over any other computer! Share what you are listening to on the social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed. You can do it with SMS or email too!

Multi-language and country support

With RADYO, you have them all! Many interface languages (English, French, Dutch, German, Greek, Italian, Spanish,Turkish) can be used to start listening to radio stations of 94 countries, all over the world plus over 40,000 ShoutCAST radio stations!

Badge and Achievement System!

Use RADYO more, complete the missions and earn badges! Automatically announce your new badge to your friends on Facebook with proud!

Fast help and communication

By email or over the website or especially from inside of the application by using integrated communication form, problems/thoughts can be received and reviewed quickly.

Chat Platform!

You can chat with people listening to the same station with you! You can also send instant messages to the people from the same country or to all RADYO users!

The Pace Setter

Since 2009, RADYO defines the features of the modern radio entertainment. It's features are being or trying to be implemented by newer applications!

That's us, who make the shoes!

Alarm clock!

Wake up with your favorite radio station! You may also silently record your favorite radio station if you are on holiday and want to sleep more!


To check the stability and the problems of the application, a long test procedure, related to both performance and usability, is followed by different people. RADYO is also being tested on variety of devices and operating systems.

Speed controlled volume!

You set the speed limit in KPH or MPH, RADYO will fade in or out the music accordingly!

The Most Advanced!

RADYO is the most advanced mobile radio application that broadcast live stations. Just compare it with whatever application you want.


RADYO is far more than a standard radio application, that's why we call it radiontertainment! Try and see your self!

Setting the pace

Copyright Cory Thoman

Since 2009, RADYO has inspired many applications world wide and become the most advanced radio application ever. In 2011, with your sincere support, RADYO will keep on setting the pace in mobile radio entertainment.

What did they say?

No disconnection even on 3g! RADYO application is super! Radio stations that you request is added quickly and it's updated continuously! Conguratulations!
alemci, Hollanda

An application with a lot of work involved. It works perfectly even on 3g. It deserves to be purchased.

In the year of 1986, we had gone to Kızılırmak with my grandfather for fishing. While waiting for the fishes, my grandfather took out a japan made pocket radio and started to listen Turkish folk music. Today i installed this application to my iPod Touch. I've selected one of the TRT channels. When i head the same music from the speakers of my iPod Touch, i couldn't stop my tears.


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