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RADYO 5.1 is out!

RADYO 5.1 is out!

Don’t let your recordings get stuck in your device! Free them with RADYO 5.1! Send them with e-Mail, use iTunes Filesharing or your internet browser to download or listen to them! RADYO 5.1 is currently the only application on earth which compresses live music on-the-fly and allows “personal” file transfer of the recordings with 4 different ways.

RADYO, with your support, wants to stay as the leader mobile radio entertainment application and continue to inspire other applications since 2009.

* NEW:
– Download your recordings to your computer or listen them from another device!
– Ability to choose the image from alternatives, before sharing the “Now playing info” on Facebook.
– New sound effects.
– Player now remembers the previous position and starts playing from where it is left.
– Filter feature added to the settings to prevent unwanted access to some features.


– Rarely, app was loosing the ability to run in the background and requiring a complete restart of the app to restore the ability.
– Rarely, after a phone conversation, RADYO wasn’t auto-reconnecting.
– Sometimes, e-Mail and SMS share forms were staying on the screen and requiring a complete restart of the application.
– When trying to share “Now playing info” on Facebook, an empty dialog was appearing because of a change made by Facebook.
– Record player was playing in the wrong order.(Now it plays forward from old to new)
– RADYO was unable to connect to any Shoutcast station if it was added to the favorites without listening to it.
– Update service was unable to work in China and some other countries.
– It was easy to miss the bus to easily learn the application, if the quick introduction tour was not taken.(Now, a bus passes from the bottom of the screen periodically and if it is touched, introduction tour can be taken again easily.)

* Above  situations are resolved.

* If there is anything that you can’t see on this list but want to see that it’s fixed or added, please let us know easily by filling the form located at http://iphoneradyo.com/contact


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