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Radyo 3.0 coming soon

Radyo 3.0 coming soon

(As of date, the radio application with the most advanced features on app store!)

– Battery Management – Stops radio transmission if battery status goes below the specified limit.
– Twitter Support (OAuth-API)
– Friendfeed Support (OAuth-API)
– Special URL protocol (radyo://)
– Radio Station Extension System – Add your favourite stations to your home screen!
– * Wakeup Timer/Alarm Clock – Wake up with your favourite station!
– Dynamic Bitrate/Transfer Display
– Estimated usable duration according to specified quota
– Global, Country and Station based Messaging platform! Chat with people listening to the same station with you!
– Greek and Italian language support
– Bulgaria region support (Radio stations of 60 countries with 8 languages in 1 application!)
– Radio Station Customized Logo System

– Contact form now remembers email address
– A few bug fixes
– Performance improvements
– Changed position of news and connection status
– Dropped support for iPhone OS 2.x
– Replaced some icons on the main screen
– Added icons related to Wakeup Timer/Alarm Clock


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