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Radyo 4.4 is out with many new features!

Radyo 4.4 is out with many new features!

[ NEW ]
– Retina display support added with high quality redesigned graphics.
– Added option to stop the radio automatically when Headphone/Audio cable is unplugged. Forget about stopping the radio manually while leaving your car!
– Also Added option to automatically start the radio again when Headphone/Audio cable is plugged.
– Added custom station feature and new station request form. If you know enough detail add your station to the list, if not let us know!
– Faster launching time.
– More responsive interface!
– Up to 4 times faster station list/region changing!
– Improved performance!
– Favourite button moved to the right to prevent unwanted touches.
– Single and categorized favourite list! Favourites are now available together application-wide and not limited to the selected region. You can mix stations from any region and filter them with genre!
– Search box minimized to free the space for new features in the top function bar.
– Media panel will (optionally) show higher quality cover and artist images.
– Added High Quality Images switch to options panel.
– Twitter sharing is now faster and easier.
– Sharing is now just one touch away and easier.
– Email and SMS options are added to the sharing choices. Send the channel you listen to your friends and they will immediately start listening to the same channel by touching the link in your message!
– Easy sign-out button added to the sharing panel.
– Added helpers to better and quickly learn the usage of the application interface.

[ RESOLVED Issues ]
– radyo:// link sometimes was not worked as expected while in the background mode.
– Connection failure was sometimes appeared above other screen elements.
– Artist and song info were not recognized accurately on some stations using different playing info template.
– Connection retry was sometimes canceled too early.
– New stations/list check was sometimes not being made after returning from background
– Sound graph was sometimes showing incorrect bars
– Application was sometimes freezing for 1/10th of a second during station change.
– Changing radio region was sometimes showing an empty list, if the last selected genre does not exist in the current region.
– Updating the station list was clearing the filter of the list.
– Returning back from a phone call was sometimes causing playback problems.
( Above problems are resolved )


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