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Comparison of Mobile Radio Applications

Comparison of Mobile Radio Applications

This table is created to explain why we call RADYO the most advanced radio entertainment application in “Earth”. If any information is not correct or missing, please let us know and we are going to update this table accordingly for any application that wants to compete. Even they are not radio entertainment applications, following applications are selected from the popular ones and they are just examples. There are many other applications; since we can not list them all here, please compare the listed features with them yourself! RADYO (with ZERO price tag) may not be the most popular or cosmetically the best designed application but RADYO ($0.00) even beats applications priced at $4.99+ If your favorite application beats RADYO in advanced features, let us know so we can add it to this list.

We are inspiring many radio applications since the end of 2008 and we NEVER underestimate efforts in other applications and we are ready to raise the bar if we ever fall below it. Give it a try!

Seems like everybody’s got a price
I wonder how they sleep at night
When the sale comes first and the truth comes second
Just stop for a minute and smile

Why is everybody so serious?
Acting so damn mysterious
You got your shades on your eyes and your heels so high
That you can’t even have a good time

*A.R. = A feature that was implemented after RADYO has implemented it.

Ringtone Designer--Includes the best ringtone designer which also lets creation of ringtones from recordings
Recording-Only PAID versionFREE & Paid versions
Transferring of recorded files--iTunes FileSharing, WebDAV as remote folder, e-Mail, Over Browser with HTTP service
Size of recorded file-Raw - Large sizeCompressed & Reduced size
Speed of Station ListingUncached, redownloads everytimeUncached, redownloads everytimeCached, Immediate Listing
Automatic Volume Control--Full Automatic. Levels the volume if it's too loud or too hoarse
Playback of Recordings-SingleContinuous
Alarm Clock-Limited and requires the app to stay in foreground and active.Full support with 2 modes that allows the alarm run even when the application is in the background or the screen is locked.
Chat--Embedded Custom Chat Platform allowing people to chat while listening to the same station/region or globally. Over 50.000 rooms
TV Info Screen--Ability to show special information screen and images when connected to a TV or monitor
Sleep Volume--Adjustable volume level for sleeping mode which helps you to keep the device volume at maximum
Data Transfer Statistics-Cellular, Wi-Fi (A.R.)Cellular + Wi-Fi and Quota Control mechanism
Quota Control--Shows listenable duration left and ability to stop when the specified quota is reached
Remember playback --Remembers the last recording and where it was stopped
Traffic Mode--Auto volume control according to the speed of the device. For walking, running, bicycling or car driving
Record Timer-BasicAdvanced with silent recording and intelligent management
Sleep Timer-Preset DurationsAdvanced with custom volume level and duration
Recording performance-No memory optimizationLow memory usage and high performance with adaptive optimization feature
Stream QualitySelectableSelectableOnly the best
Daily station broadcast program-Remote API-
Average tap count while exploring stations6+6+3
Custom URL supportOKOKOK + Ability to share
RTMP and Apple Live StreamingMostly Stable, RTMPSemi Stable, RTMPFully stable, uninterrupted RTMP and Apple Live Streaming
Support language and performanceUnknownUnknownSupport in 8 languages. Average response in: 5 minutes - 6 hours. 24/7
DVR Feature-Chunked file recording for timeshiftingContinuous Recording mode
Advanced Now Playing InfoBasic SupportMedium Support (A.R.)Full support for Remote/Lock Screen Now Playing Info including Artwork.
Station DatabaseRadioTimeRadioTimeShoutCAST + RADYO
Battery Control--Auto stop streaming when battery level drops below the specified limit
Social Sharing-Basic Facebook and Twitter Sharing (A.R.)Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed, Email, SMS sharing with ability to choose attached image from various choices of currently playing music.
Localization/TranslationVery few translatable words in 31 languages.Very few translatable words in English + Machine translations for station listing according to network locationLots of detailed text/sentence for the best understanding of the advanced features of the application. (40000 characters) with Human translations for Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Turkish
Hint System--Randomized Hint and "Did you know" system to better inform about the application
Quick Start and Tour--Learn to use all the features of the application in 60 seconds with dynamic tour system
Platform SupportOnly Mobile: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (iOS 3.0+), Android, BlackBerry, Windows PhoneOnly Mobile: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (iOS4.0+), Android, Palm, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Samsung BadaMobile: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (iOS3.0+), Windows Phone, Android Desktop: Mac OSX, Windows
Badge, Award and Entertainment--Win badges while using RADYO and share them automatically with your friends over social media. Better learn the application and have more fun.
App News--Special News/Announcements system
Station Shortcuts--Ability to add any station to Home Screen. One touch to listen.
Bluetooth supportDefaultDefaultDefault + Bluetooth Headset support
Song History--Song History Manager to see, listen, share, track previously listened stations and songs
Quick list slider--Ability to precisely scroll the station list quicker than 1 second
Genre CategorizationStation database API remote genre searchStation database API remote genre searchImmediate Dynamic Categorization which also works for favorites/presets
Location Based ListingManual + Station database API remote search based on connection regionManual + Station database API remote search based on connection regionManual + Auto localization
Playback seeking-Static speedSensitive Dynamic seeking for precise control
Recording Statistics-BasicAdvanced with total and elapsed-time and recordable durations.
Remote Stream of Recordings--Any recording can be listened across oceans all over the world with Any Internet browser from mobile or desktop devices those support HTML5 or Flash
SearchStation database API remote searchStation database API remote searchImmediate lightning fast search with the lowest or zero network traffic. Filtering system for dynamic categorizing and searching.
Localization setupOnceOnceImmediate on demand
Visualization of MusicBasic bars-Advanced bars
Usage speed and designStandard design with a few screens except digging through station listStandard design with lots of screens + Digging through station lists. Requires continuous touches to remember and find a featureComplex design for easy access to all features through a single screen except special features like Chat Platform. Very fast switch between every screen and feature
Information detail and visualizationBasic info on main screenBasic info on now-playing-info screenAdvanced scrolling info panel on main screen
Live video--Supports some tv stations and able to show live video of these stations
Direct links--Any station can be sent with an SMS message and receiver can play it with one touch
Prevent connection according to connection type-Wi-Fi / GSM (A.R.)Wi-Fi / GSM + Low traffic mode
Resume after a long phone conversation--Yes
Shake to change the station--Yes
Headphone detection--Option to automatically start/stop the music when headphone is plugged in/out
Headphone controls-Basic (A.R.)Full remote control support. Previous, next or random station selection over the cable.
Help System-Dynamic FAQ Listing + Contact formFAQ Listing + Contact form
Security/Adult Filter--Ability to prevent unwanted access of other users of the same device to specified features
Quick silencer--Mute button + Flip to Mute feature.
Auto Station Skip--"Stations those don't shout" feature to skip noisy stations
FavoritesYesYesYes from every possible screen + Single swipe to add to favorites/remove from favorites feature.
Sound Effects--Entertaining sound effects which can be disabled from settings
Old device supportYes-Yes. Single application with optimizations for both old and new devices for the best performance
Mute Feature-Basic - Classic - System wide (A.R.)Advanced - Station wide + Auto mute extension
Price$3.99 - $6.99$0.99 / AD supported lite versionZero Price Tag (AD supported version) with many unmatched features. Plugin system for extra features: $0.99
Openness to competitorsSemi-openClosedHappy to see new challengers if any

We just wanna make the world dance.


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