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Privacy policy for Facebook integration

Privacy policy for Facebook integration

Date: May 10,2012

RADYO application includes advanced Facebook Integration for sharing content on Facebook when you authorize RADYO Facebook application to post status messages on behalf of you. Every single post occurs in a few seconds after you hit “Share” button or a button which shares the song and the artist you are listening to with RADYO on Facebook.

Eventhough you authorize RADYO to post messages even if you are offline, RADYO mostly post messages when you are online and when you want.

Currently, none of your personally identifying information is saved on our servers, even temporary. RADYO does not need to have your Facebook password in any step of it’s working process. The connection RADYO makes and the data RADYO transmitted can be inspected easily with professional data inspection tools as data transmitted other than Facebook’s own servers is not encrypted. A deep data transmission inspection can make you sure that none of your data is sent out to anywhere.

RADYO saves and keeps the necessary login information on the client locally to remember your login and to not to require you enter your username and password again. This “login information” is NOT composed of your real password and just a “ticket” given by Facebook in this specific reason to be used in the same scenario. This information is the only saved information which requires every single Facebook application to work properly. This can be referred to a bussiness card where you write “This is my friend” with your pen to the back of the card and give this card to your friend to show it to people so they can know you are NOT “ANY” person.

We DO NOT share any of your information without informing you, where, it’s infact impossible for us to share data if we don’t collect any.


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