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Lite Version

Lite Version

RADYO application is available in 2 versions: Lite(Free) and Paid.

Lite version can be installed and tried for free!

Limitations of the lite version:

  • Visual and Audio Ads
  • Only 1 country is available ( But all of the stations for that country is available! )
  • Only a few special features are available in the settings module

Besides these limitations, Lite version can immediately be turned into the full version!

Lite version uses “In-App Purchase” system of Apple.

You can upgrade your lite version buy purchasing modules.

You have currently two options:

  1. World Package ($0.99)
    World Package let’s you unlock all ( 60+ ) of the countries listed in the application. So you are NO longer limited to listen the stations of only 1 country.
  2. Feature Package ($0.99 for a limited time!)
    “Feature” Package includes

    • Unlimited* storage for recordings ( limited with device disk space)
    • Battery Control
    • Quota Control
    • Channels those don’t shout


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